We get inspired by

We KNOW that

collective intelligence


is the best way to innovate and support the challenges of our complex world. Co-creativity increases overall satisfaction and performance.

company diagnostics


helps, by using the right tools, to see where you are in your journey for a greater success. What is your improvement potentials ?

reinventing organizations


reduces the gap between individual expectations and what the majority of organisations offer.
For those reasons, we are convinced that it’s possible to change them. This in order to bring more meaning and therefore efficiency.

personal development

whether as an individual, or for the group, helps everyone to grow and improves the dynamics of the company. Each of us is creative and full of resources that are just waiting to be released.

business transmission

is a real challenge ! Our past experiences allows us to offer you a human approach respecting the full needs of each parties. Together we will identify the necessary adjustments in terms of mindsets, processes and governance.

Our ambition is to inspire people and organizations
to make a change for more happiness and success.

We are committed TransFormActors,
serving responsible and sustainable organisations.

By giving meaning to people’s activities, we release the positive energy that supports harmonious relationships and contributes to healthy prosperity.

We offer innovative approaches and services
to transform organizations, teams and individuals. Together with our clients, we create tailor-made solutions (coaching, training, consulting).


We propose our services to organizations that want to reinvent their governance models, leaders who desires to evolve their managerial posture and entrepreneurs motivated to make a positive impact on the world.

The benefit is results that increase agility, pleasure and performance of teams, generating trust and commitment.

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